174. Shamans Raven Totem Pole

Raven, Whale, Wolf and Man are shown on the label, casting is crude and imprecise compared to Boma or Pearlite models. Made by Shamans of B.C. Possibly ceramic composite rather than resin.

See also numbers 157, 46 and 43 for other Shamans castings.

173. Intalco Aluminium Thunderbird Commemorative Statue

3" high cast aluminium Thunderbird made by Intalco company in Alcoa. Made for Spring Conference in April 1969.


172. Plastic Totem Whistles

Set of eight premiums from Disneys ‘Brother Bear’ animation. Salmon, Bear, Inuit, Caribou, Eagle, .Ram, Mammoth and Elk. No direct connection to First Nations artistic style, purely animal totemic in form.

171. Black Resin Twin Thunderbird Pole

A 6" resin pole, which seems to be either the inspiration for or a copy of N0.116. As the bronze metal version is dated 1953 on the base, I would hesitate to suggest that the resin version is older, as production of this style still continues today.
The 1953 version features a greater degree of stylisation, so the lowest creature on the pole - possibly a sea monster - is reduced to curves and filligrees on the metal version. This seems to be being carried by a thunderbird with a human face (Hok-Hok ? Kolus ?), topped by an owl, a raven and a thunderbird at the top.

The resin version has no makers mark, but may have traces of the word 'canada' on the front of the stand, presumably removed from the master before casting.

170. Boma Chesspiece Queen

Boma Raven 'Queen' chesspiece. Black resin 3" designed by Christian White


169. Metal Totem Trophy on Stand

Large aluminium (?) totem 13" high on 2.5" high base. Originally a presentation trophy in Canadian school. No makers marks.


168. Hoselton Large Cast Aluminium Totem

5" aluminium totem by Hoselton of Canada, signed on base. Similar to Boma version 142.
Interestingly, despite both pieces (167/168)  being signed by the maker on the base, the Hoselton company has no record of either totem being made, although a maple leaf dish, which came with one of the pieces, was recognised.


167. Hoselton Aluminium Cast Totem

3" high solid aluminium, simplistic abstract molding style. Possibly based on Boma original No.152. Marked Hoselton Canada

166. Mt St Helens Volcanic Ash Totem

8" stoneware totem made with ash from Mt St Helen's eruption. Paper label on base. Similar manufacture to no.47


165. Novelty Plastic Totem Keyring

Small plastic thunderbird totem on clasp keyring - circa 1970


164. Ceramic Thunderbird Cup

4" high cup with relief molding of flying Thunderbird
Signed '2423 West Coast Indian Design Canada' 

163. Miniature Hand Carved Totem

Modern tourist souvenir, had carved and painted, with explanatory label. Thunderbird and Beaver. 3" high, similar in form to no.72.


162. Bella Coola Totem, by Swityk

6" ceramic - soapstone ? - totem. Features Thunderbird wings outstretched on beavers head. Paper labels on base - 'Woodwards' price tage and 'Bella Coola - Canada' . Presumably made by Swityk and from same range as 'Nootka', No 164.

161. Nootka Totem, by Swityk

 Black ceramic - soapstone ? - totem, Thunderbird resting on beavers head. 8" high with buff highlights. Paper label beneath 'Swityk of Canada' 

160. Tall Black Thunderbird Totem Pearlite

11" black resin - small label on base no tm

159. Small Black Thunderbird Pearlite

 6" black resin, with maple Leaf label on rear. No makers mark

158. Large Unidentified Wooden Totem

Approx 12" high, light wood, handpainted. No visible marks or labels. Modern Malaysian manufacture ?

157. Shamans Raven & Bear

6" Ceramic composite totem, painted labelled 'Raven and Bear - Haida, Shamans, B.C'

156. Wooden Hesquiaht Totem

Mary Erdman Wooden totem, signed. 6" high, three parts