205. Danny Joseph Carved Cedar Thunderbird

Large 14" hand carved model, showing man grasping a salmon as Thunderbird rises overhead.
Signed on base by 'Danny Joseph' of Kwakiutl Tribe. Finished with an amber varnish. An old break to left wing has been repaired in the past.


204. Pearlite Tribal Watchman Pole

Part  of Pearlite's 'Tribal' range of castings, black resin approximately 10" high. Beaver at base supports another animal - possibly bear or wolf, devouring a Frog. Pole is capped by larvae and possibly Butterfly motif.
Named on base and explanatory sticker on reverse.


203. Francis Pollard Pewter Letter Opener

Presentation boxed pewter opener. Box has The Brown Bear, Westport, Kingston, Canada as a label. Opener has 'fine pewter' and other markings stamped on reverse.
Comes with a small card with artist Francis Pollard bio and some symbolic representations of animals.

202. Unbranded Plastic Toy Totem

10 inch unbranded toy totem pole, made of hard plastic. Hand painted in muted tones. Probably depicting Thunderbird, Beaver and Bear on the bottom. Slightly stylised, but following general art conventions.

201. Mastersculptures Amber Huron Totem


10" resin totem featuring Thunderbird carrying Sea Wolf or whale, above a wolf with inverted himan head and hands. Made in Huron Village, Quebec.

200. Pearlite Resin Bird Dish

Amber resin bird dish - duck or waterfowl. Recess in back, solid casting. 
Marked 'Pearlite - Vancouver B.C' See also 196.


199. Vic Yeoda Wooden Totem 'Raven's Deal'

Alaska Black Diamond. Six inch hand carved and painted cedar model Representing two ravens, with the face of a shaman on the chest of the upper figure. Made in Alaska sticker and signed 'Vic Yeoda' See number 179.


198. Inuit Green Stone Figure

Small green stone modern tourist trinket based on the Inuksuk marker. No makers marks, 2" high
Inuit stone figure : inunnguaq  "imitation of a person" Used by the arctic tribes as way markers, boundarys or caches.

197. Shredded Wheat Premium Totems

Corporal Boone and The Chief Shakes Totem Pole
Chief Cochise and the Beaver and Oyster Totem Pole
Major Swanson and the Sun and Raven Totem Pole

A set of 8 press out and foldable celluloid like plastic cereal premiums from circa 1958. Tying in with the Rin Tin Tin Television show and regular characters. Poles are roughly based on actual historic monumental structures.


Sun and Raven Pole - Saxman Park

Haida Mortuary Pole Skidegate

One Legged Fisherman Pole

Chief Shakes Eldest Son Totem

Beaver and Oyster Totem Pole

196. Boma Raven Dish

Boma Resin dish made in the Tsimshian style. Spoon came separately See no. 68. and .19
Marked 'Tofino B.C Canada'

Style based on traditional ceremonial ware and ornamental dance rattles. See 200.


195. Minute Ceramic Totem Pole

Tiny 1" hand painted ceramic model of Thunderbird totem, similar in style to pole on trinket box (193.) which was purchased at same time. 

Pole is very reminiscent of the Patrick Seale style models see 109/108.


194. Ceramic Totem Trinket Box

Unusual ceramic trinket box with totem pole on lid. Bought as a pair with matching Grizzly Bear box and tiny ceramic totem.
Bases have stickers with Crown symbol and 'D.N & E.I' Front has vinyl 'Alaska' sticker


193. Black Pearlite Eagle Totem

Black Pearlite model crowned with an Eagle with wings outspread. Model appears to be the inspiration for the slightly cruder and more garish No. 73

Note the slight curve to the pose of the Eagle, this feature is more exagerrated on No.73 and I assumed it to be a moulding error.

192. Boma Black Resin Raven

Seven inch approx. Standard black resin, broken and repaired at some point. The break occurred just below the Wasco or Sea Wolf's pectoral fins and has not been attached straight. I am debating whether to try and separate it and re-set.
Good rendition of Raven on the top, with Sea Wolf and Beaver below.


191. Aalco Double Totem

Amber coloured resin totem made by Aalco of Vancouver. Unique design featuring two separate poles on a dedicated stand. 

The smaller totem seems to show a wolf or possibly a bear, supporting a killer whale, topped by an Eagle. The larger one echoes the base design, the lower figure seems to have more pronounced ursine features - such as long claws - with a mans face above supporting a Thunderbird with wings outstretched.

The resin and paint style is reminiscent of Pearlite designs No.s 86-89