223. Silver Spoons with Resin Models

Silver Souvenir spoons, marked 'Lovesick Lake, Canada' and 'Prince Rupert B.C'
No visible hallmarking or TM.

Metal spoons with black resin model of Beaver and Wolf heads.

 See also No.19 Ornamental Spoons for further modelling

222. Swityk Tundra Raven Pair

Five inch ceramic totems, made by Swityk. Advertised as bookends, but probably just two separate items. One has cream coloured finish like similar Swityk designs (See 161, 160). Second version has brilliant white finish, possibly retouched.
Both show stylised Raven character bearing the salmon to human kind.


221. Small Ironwood Totem

Four inches high, hand carved from Ironwood or Mahogany. Simple, crude styling, three piece construction. No polish evident.
From the same maker as No 215 (Right) and No 34 (Left).


220. Small Black Tahnoo Totem


6" black resin totem by Tahnoo. Features Eagle holding a seal below a Wolf eating another animal.

219. Small Acrylic Painted Totem

3" high acrylic composite totem. Hand painted with no TM. Marked 'Canada' on front. 

Same style/maker as No.29

218. Black Resin Shaman Head

 3" high sculpt of First Nations warrior or shaman with thunderbird motif on forehead and wing emblems on cheeks. Thorn Arts ?

Black resin, excellent detailing. See also No 17, 16
Marked on reverse 'Canada V121'

With painted accents by the author

136. Large Carved Wooden Eagle


2' high with 2.5' wingspan. At least 25 years old, hand carved frim 4 pieces of timber. No makers mark and No.49 written on base.

216. Bentwood Cedar Salmon Box

6" tall bentwood box. Solid cedar lid with hand painted depiction of a salmon around sides.
Signed in pencil on base "Salmon" and 'JNM' (?)  James Michels ?
See also No 186.


215. Hand Carved Ironwood Totem II

Superb hand carved Thunderbird made from dense Ironwood. Same style as No34, but with larger base and slight stylistic variation. No TM or makers marks visible. Slightly redder colouration to 34. 6" high


214. Carved Wooden Eagle and Grizzly

Single piece hand carvings of Eagle and Grizzly Bear. Eagle has shop sticker on the base and Bear has initials 'AC' 


213. Pewter Totem Thimble Stack

Heavyweight pewter casting of six individual 'thimbles' which can be assembled as a six inch totem pole.

Head of Thunderbird, Wings, human head, legs, animal head and base.